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Season Seven Episodes


Cast & Crew  Edit

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Executive Producers  Edit

Writers Edit

Directors Edit

  • Jim Rowley
  • Jeff Gittle
  • Fred Holmes
  • Ben Vaughn
  • Terrie Davis (Associate Director)
  • Eric Norberg (Associate Director)
  • Brian Mack (Associate Director)
  • Lynn Ambrose (Casting Director)
  • Elizabeth Sagan Velten (Art Director)
  • Penny Wilson (Performance Director)
  • Shelley C. Aubrey (Performance Director)
  • Christine Lanning (Performance Director)
  • Lowry G. Perry (Lighting Director)
  • Daniel Tawny (Lighting Director)
  • Elizabeth Sagan Velten (Art Director)
  • David Franks (Technical Director)
  • Terri McCormack (Technical Director)
  • Randy Breedlove (Technical Director)
  • David Boothe (Audio Director)
  • Joe Phillips (Audio/Musical Director)
  • David Bernard Wolf (Musical Director)
  • Randy Dalton (Director of Production Services)

Presidents Edit

  • Mary Ann Dudko (Vice President of Content Development)

Editors Edit

  • McKee Smith
  • Laura Cargile
  • Vickie Sterling
  • Dan Whiteman
  • Tim Werner
  • Deborah Cornish (Dialogue Editor)
  • Don Clark (Sound Effects Editor)

Producers Edit

Designers Edit

  • Bob Lavalee (Production Designer)
  • Lisa Odette Albertson (Wardrobe/Costume Designer)
  • James F. Claytor (Set Designer)
  • Robert Vukasovich (Set Designer)
  • Ken Craig (Lighting Designer)
  • Lowry G. Perry (Lighting Designer)
  • Jeanie D'iorio (Makeup Designer)
  • Jimi White (Makeup Designer)

Specialists Edit

  • Mary Ann Dudko (Educational Specialist)
  • Margie Larsen (Educational Specialist)

Managers Edit

  • Charlotte Spivey (Production Manager)
  • Steven G. McAfee (Production Manager)
  • Jena Atchison (Production/Stage Manager)
  • Nick Ballarini, Jr. (Stage Manager)
  • Randy Breedlove (Technical Operations Manager)
  • Julie Hutchings (Manager of Talent Services)
  • Lisa Arbuckle Grief (Manager of Music Services)
  • Sue Shinn (Production Office Manager)
  • Thomas Jaekels (Wardrobe Shop Manager)
  • David Cobb (Costume Shop Manager)
  • Traci Hutton (Costume Shop Manager)
  • Debbie Cottle (Manager of Production Accounting)
  • Shauni Mast (Character Manager)
  • Bob Evans (Writing Team Manager)

Engineers Edit

  • Bink Williams (Video Engineer)

Operators Edit

  • Larry Allen (Camera Operator)
  • Bruce A. Harmon (Camera Operator)
  • Van Smalley (Camera Operator)
  • Tommy Turner (Camera Operator)
  • Bill Saunders (Camera Operator)
  • Victor Sosa (Camera Operator)
  • Jim Wrenn (Camera Operator)
  • Kenny Dezendorf (Camera Operator)
  • Eric Norberg (Camera Operator)
  • Dan Whiteman (Camera Operator)
  • Dudley Asaff (Videotape Operator)
  • Jimmy Young (Videotape Operator)
  • Pavel Perebillo (Lighting Board Operator)
  • Stephen Ritchey (Lighting Board Operator)

Audio Edit

  • Ron Balentine (Production Audio)
  • Malcolm Johnson (Production Audio)
  • Don Clark (Post Production Audio)
  • Deborah Cornish (Post Production Audio)
  • Gary French (Post Production Audio)

Electricians Edit

  • Ricky Long (Master Electrician/Best Boy Electrician)
  • Jim Fischer
  • Buck Hatcher
  • Tim Harkins
  • Jeffrey Jon
  • Kevin Long
  • David Lynn
  • Andy Stefanek
  • Scott Fawley
  • Steve Ritchey
  • Steven Walker
  • John Knight
  • Phil Fulton
  • Mark Herrmann
  • Dean Weaver

Grips Edit

  • Jim Fischer
  • Buck Hatcher
  • Tim Harkins
  • Jeffrey Jon
  • Kevin Long
  • David Lynn
  • Andy Stefanek
  • Scott Fawley
  • Steve Ritchey
  • Steven Walker
  • John Knight

Props Edit

  • Aggie Davis-Brooks (Lead Props)

Dressers Edit

  • Aggie Davis Brooks (Set Dresser)
  • Nick Ballarini, Jr (Set Dresser)
  • Vickers Black (Set Dresser)
  • Susan Gaedke McGill (Set Dresser)

Greenspersons Edit

  • Kelley Johnston Miller

Decorators Edit

  • J. Magen Kaufman (Set Decorator)
  • Cindy Crisp (Set Decorator)

Shoppers Edit

  • Susan Gaedke
  • Cheryl Johnson
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Michelle Gay McDaniel
  • Lakisha Slaughter
  • Sharon Goodin
  • Stephanie Emery

Stitchers Edit

  • Celeste Kinnard
  • Diane Kearney
  • Traci Hutton (First Hand Stitcher)
  • Margaret Foster (Costume/Character Stitcher)

Economists Edit

  • Trish Dahl (Home Economist)

Stylists Edit

  • Debra Hertel Haefling (Hair Stylist)
  • Julie Love (Hair Stylist)

Coaches Edit

  • Shelley C. Aubrey (Dialogue Coach)

Supervisors Edit

  • Catherine Reynolds (Script Supervisor)
  • Jackie Boyer (Script Supervisor)
  • Constanze Villines (Script Supervisor)
  • Randy Breedlove (Technical Operations Supervisor)
  • Diane Gillham (Child Supervisor)
  • Anne Marie Hurlbut (Child Supervisor)
  • Bob Dauber (Post Production Supervisor)
  • Mark Wagenhurst (Character Shop Supervisor)

Coordinators Edit

  • Steven G. McAfee (Production Coordinator)
  • Karen Gatewood (Production Coordinator)
  • Amy Atherton (Art/Craft Coordinator)
  • Jennifer Garlington (Art Department Coordinator)
  • Daniel Leonard (Construction Coordinator)
  • Jonathan Smith (Music Coordinator)
  • Ruthy Horak (Stunt Coordinator)

Typists Edit

  • Ruthy Horak

Carpenters Edit

  • Scott Osborne
  • Kelton Cole

Artists Edit

  • Michael Dimov (Scenic Artist)
  • James L. Frazer (Scenic Artist)
  • Cathy Miller (Scenic Artist)

Special Effects Edit

  • Steve Krieger

Costumers Edit

  • Leila Heise (Set Costumer)
  • Susie Thennes

Technicians Edit

  • Alan Elson (Costume Technician)
  • Shauni Mast (Character Technician)
  • Gilbert Gonzales (Character Technician)

Mixers Edit

  • Gary French (Rerecording Mixer)
  • Malcolm Johnson (Production Sound Mixer)

Researchers Edit

  • Lori Plummer (Educational Researcher)
  • Joy Starr (Educational Researcher)
  • Heidi Zeko

Teachers Edit

  • Diane Gillham
  • Anne Marie Hurlbut

Interns Edit

  • Jessica Gunter (Production Intern)
  • Russ Hallford (Production Intern)
  • Matthew Gerard (Production Intern)

Consultants Edit

  • Penny Wilson (Performance Consultant)

Painters Edit

  • Kristen Weeks (Scenic Painter)
  • Tina Griffith (Scenic Painter)

Builders Edit

  • Alan Elson (Prop Builder)

Crafts Edit

  • Lyle Huchton

Draftsmen Edit

  • Sinisa Knaflec

Wranglers Edit

  • Margaret Foster (Character Wrangler)
  • Tracy Poe (Character Wrangler)
  • Brian Rhodes (Character Wrangler)

Accountants Edit

  • Debbie Cottle (Production Accountant)

Property Master Edit

  • Tim Thomaston

Lyricists/Composers Edit

  • Willy Welch
  • Joe Phillips
  • R. Shawn Kelly
  • Mark S. Bernthal

Assistants Edit

  • Malcolm Johnson (Production Audio Assistant)
  • Brenda Galgan (Production Audio Assistant)
  • Chris L. Kaufman (Prop Assistant)
  • Timothy McGarity (Prop Assistant)
  • Rhett Bakke (Prop Assistant)
  • Edd Chappell (Prop Assistant)
  • Justin Trofholz (Prop Assistant)
  • Haden Garrett (Prop Assistant)
  • Steve Krieger (Prop Assistant)
  • Shelley C. Aubrey (Assistant Performance Director)
  • Karen Gatewood (Assistant Production Coordinator)
  • Kimberly Greenough (Assistant Production Designer)
  • Kathryn Yingling (Assistant Production Designer)
  • Kelton Cole (Assistant Carpenter)
  • Brian Walker (Assistant Carpenter)
  • Ken Weber (Wardrobe Assistant)
  • Danielle Marshal (Costume Assistant)
  • Denise Rohr (Costume Assistant)
  • Gilbert Gonzales (Costume Assistant)
  • Brad Bush (Costume Assistant)
  • Craig Chastain (Post Production Audio Assistant)
  • Carrie Rishel (Assistant Production Accountant)
  • Donna Ivers Harvey (Assistant to the Producers)
  • Jillian Jester (Assistant to the Producers)
  • Halim Jabbour (Production Assistant)
  • Corey Jones (Production Assistant)
  • Wendi Nichols (Production Assistant)
  • Joel Zoch (Production Assistant)
  • Leora Backer (Production Assistant)
  • Jack Cline (Production Assistant)
  • Michael Marco (Production Assistant)
  • Mike Scott (Production Assistant)
  • Ryan Walden (Production Assistant)
  • Casey Stinson (Audio Assistant)
  • Cheryl Johnson (Assistant Greensperson)
  • Greg Beutel (Art Department Production Assistant)
  • Tom Jaekels (Assistant Costume Designer)
  • Christine Lanning (Assistant Performance Director)
  • Shauna Diaz (Assistant Accountant)


  1. The White House Easter Egg Roll Information and History]


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